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Posted by KilledByAPixel - 1 month ago

Hello friends. I thought some of you might enjoy this before it potentially gets taken down.

The Legend of Bounce Back

Please enjoy my homage to the 35th anniversary of the Zelda series. Playable on desktop or mobile browsers. Use a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or touch device. I recommend a SNES style gamepad!

Before you tell me I should post it on newgrounds, I already did... sort of. Yes, this is a total conversion of another game I posted here a while back.

In other news I have been continuing to polish Space Huggers, mobile mode is feeling really good now. The next thing I plan to improve is the help tips when you die. It will show a different tip every time to help onboard new players.

If you'd like to get into JavaScript game development, try my new game engine LittleJS! It the same engine I used to make space huggers and I think it's a great way to get started.

Thank you for reading, take care of yourselves and have a great day!



Posted by KilledByAPixel - 1 month ago

Thank you everyone who has played and enjoyed Space Huggers. We are rapidly approaching 20,000 views. To celebrate I have added mobile support with an on screen touch gamepad. The mobile build has it's own leaderboard with smaller/faster levels. I adjusted the UI also for lower resolution displays. We have tested on an iPhone and Android to great success, but it does not load on older devices.

Please give it a shot on your phone and let me know how it goes!


Some Space Huggers stats for you...

  • 18,601 people viewed the game
  • 1,320 beat the first level
  • 91 beat the game
  • only 5 people played 2 player mode
  • no one has played 4 player!
  • fastest win time is 11:14, congrats lewdev

Follow me on twitter to see all the cool game dev stuff I post about. I recently posted video of the mobile mode I took on my phone. So many great things in the pipeline, I can't wait to share.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.




Posted by KilledByAPixel - October 24th, 2021

I just released a new game on here! It's a run and gun roguelike platformer. Originally made for JS13K, I've polished it up, added a final boss fight, music, achievements, and scoreboard for fastest times. If people like this game, I want to expand it with more enemies, weapons, missions, variety, etc.

Space Huggers - Super Championship Edition

This game was made with a new game engine I also just released called LittleJS. It is a simple and easy way to make high quality games like Space Huggers. It also has built in support for Newgrounds medals. Looking forward to seeing more games using in the near future!

LittleJS on GitHub

Thanks for reading, take care of yourself and have a great day!



Posted by KilledByAPixel - May 19th, 2020

Hello everyone! I'm a solo dev and recently implemented medals and scoreboards in my games. I would love to see some more players!

Bounce Back - Boomerang adventure inspired by Zelda with roguelike elements.

Bogus Roads - Low res retrowave racing with randomly generated tracks.

I also recently released an awesome sound effect generator for everyone to use for their games...

ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth - A Tiny JavaScript Sound Effect Engine

You can download sounds as wavs or play them directly with just a tiny bit of code.

Here's the actual entire JavaScript code you need to play ZzFX sounds in your games, it's crazy small...

zzfxV=.3 // volume
zzfx=    // play sound
(I=1,J=.05,g=220,f=0,h=0,m=.1,n=0,K=1,r=0,z=0,t=0,A=0,u=0,B=0,v=0,L=0,e=0,d=2*Math.PI,b=44100,w=p=>2*p*Math.random()-p,C=p=>0<p?1:-1,M=r*=500*d/b**2,D=g*=(1+w(J))*d/b,N=C(v)*d/4,q=[],E=0,F=0,c=0,k=1,G=0,H=0,a=0,O,l,x,y=zzfxX.createBufferSource())=>{f=50+f*b|0;h=h*b|0;m=m*b|0;e=e*b|0;z*=500*d/b**3;l=f+h+m+e;v*=d/b;t*=d/b;A*=b;for(u*=b;c<l;q[c++]=a)++H>100*L&&(H=0,a=E*g*Math.sin(F*v-N),a=n?1<n?2<n?3<n?Math.sin((a%d)**3):Math.max(Math.min(Math.tan(a),1),-1):1-(2*a/d%2+2)%2:1-4*Math.abs(Math.round(a/d)-a/d):Math.sin(a),a=C(a)*Math.abs(a)**K,a*=I*zzfxV*(c<f?c/f:c<f+h?1:c<l-e?1-(c-f-h)/m:0),a=e?a/2+(e>c?0:(c<l-e?1:(c-l)/e)*q[c-e]/2):a),E+=1+w(B),F+=1+w(B),g+=r+=z,k&&++k>A&&(D+=t,g+=t,k=0),u&&++G>u&&(g=D,r=M,G=1,k=k||1);x=zzfxX.createBuffer(1,q.length,b);x.getChannelData(0).set(q);y.buffer=x;y.connect(zzfxX.destination);y.start()};zzfxX=new AudioContext

Follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates and see all my weird experiments.

Thank you for reading, take care of yourselves and have a nice day!